2018 Challenge

I never thought 2017 would end the way it did. I feel like looking back on it, I had a lot of ups and downs ( I think more downs than ups; but who’s counting, right?) I honestly feel like I’m starting off 2018 in the exact place I started 2017 off in. How weird you say? No, I don’t think its weird at all. I had a lot of time to myself this weekend to reflect on just that. It occurred to me that if I continuously focus my life on the same things and continue to make the same mistakes then I will continuously see the same patterns in my life and have the same outcomes year after year. So, how do I avoid that? I will change my life completely. Ha. Yeah right, that’s definitely easier said than done. Well, I think last year I was headed in the right direction with promoting a positive outlook and atmosphere and surrounding myself with positive things, but that too is easier said than done. Life gets hard, it gets busy, it gets crazy, it gets painful, it gets messy, people are cruel, they are hurtful, we have emotions, finances get tough and we reach a breaking point. Then what? I don’t know. That’s just it. No one knows the right things to say or do in difficult times. We all experience these things and it’s called LIFE for a reason. We weren’t put on Earth to be handed everything on a silver platter. No one is entitled more than any other person. We all have struggles and sins (some just hide it better than others). I wish I knew all the right things to say but all I know is that God is always there. He has been my best friend. He has been the only stability in my entire life. He knows the good, the bad, the ugly, the things I’ve never told anyone, the number of hairs I have on my head and He knows my path before I even decide it. Guess what? He still loves me and He created me in His image. He knows everything and still Loves ME just as I am. Perfectly Imperfect. He loves you too, even if you don’t know Him. If you’ve never been one to follow Jesus or get to know God, all I ask is that you open your heart and eyes and just talk to Him in private and see the beautiful world He created, no one will know but you and God. What could it hurt? It has changed my life. That is my goal this year to take an even closer walk with God and to open up my eyes and ears and listen and look for what He has in store for my 2018. I hope you will join me. 

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