My whole life I struggled with trying to be a “perfect” person. Tried to have the perfect appearance, the perfect heart, the perfect attitude, the perfect relationships…I think you get the picture. I didn’t realize that what I was actually doing was creating a distorted image of myself on the inside and creating in myself worry, anxiety and depression because I would never be my idea of perfect. I couldn’t achieve it. When I started to analyze my life and where in my life this worry and anxiety stemmed from, I realized it all went back to just that…I wanted to be perfect. What is perfect? Well I’ll tell you what the magazines and movies portray as perfect…a size 00 and flawless skin and the white picket fence with no arguments and no crying babies and no drama and no financial issues. We are shown that particular image over and over growing up and expect our world to look just like that, perfect. When I really started to dig deeper into the thought of perfection, I realized that no one is perfect (even though growing up you hear this a thousand times) but God himself. I realized that no matter how hard you strive for what you think of as perfection, you can only be as perfect as God allows you to be. God thinks of you as perfect. He created you in his image. Just as you think of your child as the most perfect creation ever, God thinks of you in that manner; He created you. He determines your path. He knows your thoughts and direction before you even do. Once I realized that and came to that conclusion, that no matter what I viewed as perfect, I am perfect in His eyes, my whole life changed. Also realizing that He is control and determines my steps that was a HUGE eye opener for me. It is one thing to realize it, but to live each day knowing that, made my life change for the better. You trying to plan your direction and whole future out is like you trying to determine all the street names and not even knowing which city you will be in. It’s just that simple, trying to figure out what path He is leading you on is not your job, it’s doing the right things on the journey and realizing that He is on the path next to you guiding you and with you every step of the way!


Love God & Love People

Have a Blessed Day!

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