Hello…How are you?

Hopefully you don’t have that Adele song in your head like I do now…ha…Hope you all have been doing exceptional! I know we all have down days and I have had my fair share of a couple since I have begun my positive journey. I have been experiencing some pain on and off since I’ve had shoulder surgery and sometimes it can just get you down. But, I have learned that even on those days there is always a way to put a smile on your face. First off I would recommend NOT getting on social media sites. I have found that to be hit or miss, depending on how people’s moods are, you can come across all sorts of things…rants, drama, excitement, videos, pictures and more recently political posts. I think when you are already feeling down and it’s a “miss” day on a social networking site it can just get you more down or frustrated. Sometimes everyone just seems to have a good day and be in a good mood, I find that to be on Friday’s or the weekend (ha), but for the rest of the days…it’s hit or miss.  

Some suggestions of things I like to do when I am having a bad day… I like to google happy quotes in images, look up funny videos or watch a comedy on Netflix or DVD, exercise (just go for a walk and take in the sites and enjoy what God has created), take a long bath (if you don’t have a kiddo knocking on your door ha), pick up your bible or maybe just phone a friend or family member for a chat. I think sometimes you need a little help to perk yourself up. I have found the Bible App (the one with the brown Holy Bible book) has plans that you can choose from and read daily that are tailored to moods or topics that you pick from (ex: patience, love, depression, temptation, kids, singles, dating, marriage, men, women and the list goes on). It has been something that I have been reading daily in the morning and it has been really helpful in starting my mornings off positively. (And yes, if you haven’t figured it out yet I may be a little ADD…squirrel)…I’ve come to realize that being Positive isn’t just a walk in the park, it takes effort daily but it is possible to attain. I like a good challenge and being Positive daily is an amazing one to have. I want to be happy and promote happiness everywhere I go or to the people I come in contact with.   What are some things that you do to promote a positive mind? 

Stay Positive, Work hard & Make it Happen!! Love to you all! Oh and Monday is Over!!

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