The Post That Began It All

Well there is a first time for everything. This is my first time for a blog, a website, public writing…you name it. If you know me, I’m an open book but at the same time very deceptive in my appearance. No I’m not talking about looks here, I’m talking about personality and how I “appear” to always have a smile and “appear” happy and “appear” in a great mood to everyone. Looks can be deceiving. I can be dying emotionally on the inside and still have a perfectly happy appearance. That’s my nature I cover it up well. I play the part. I guess you can say I’m a great actress at life. Well, I decided to make a change this year and that is to be positive and to be openly positive internally too not just externally and “appear” to have things under control on the inside. I decided for some unknown reason to open myself up on Facebook one day. (By the way, this is something I do not do because I, unlike some, do not like to share my personal struggles yet along on Facebook of all places (ha)) I had such a positive response and actually had a few people reach out to me and share their personal struggles and give me advice and it made me feel even more excited about continuing on this positive road. This website/blog is my attempt to start off this new year on a positive note and to give quotes, book suggestions, or sometimes just my own thoughts about being positive and moving in a positive direction. I’m anxious to hear your positive thoughts and motivation along this journey as well. I’m looking forward to an Absolutely Positive year and I’m excited to see what this new year brings!!!


This is the post that started it all:

January 7 at 4:51pm

I think this will be probably the most real, heart opening post to date and longest haha. I don’t normally get on here to post things about my personal life because honestly I don’t like to share much of that to anyone yet alone on Facebook, but today is different. I don’t know what has come over me but I feel like sharing my mind. If you don’t know me very well then you won’t know where I’ve come from or where I’ve been or what I’ve been through but I’ve suffered on and off with bouts of anxiety, OCD and depression. Looking at me and talking to me during those trying times you would have never known. My outside appearance is always happy even if I’m dying on the inside. I’ve had 2 surgeries this past month and have been struggling physically and mentally and being so hard on myself and falling back into my usual routine of depression. Today, I woke up and decided to make a change. I never make New Years resolutions because I, like most, never keep those New Year resolutions and most often I feel defeated. So, I thought what can I do to make this year better and not fail another one of those classical New Years resolutions (lose weight, be more prosperous and the list goes on)? With all the negativity and hate in this world and the division that came between people and races and families in 2016 over nothing. Today I choose to be positive. That’s what I want for myself and the people who I come in contact with. I want a positive year! If I can start with myself and choose daily to be positive and only influence people positively what could that hurt? Nothing. No one. That’s just it. I’m going to choose to get up and be grateful that I made it through one more day and I will choose to thank God for all the small blessings He always brings my way, and I will choose to look at the positive in every situation that comes my way, and I will choose to get up and move somehow, some way, every day. To move just a little extra than I normally would do. I will choose to write my daily thoughts down at the end of the day and see what negative came about and for every negative I choose to make an extra positive the next day. I think all those factors coming together will at least make some positive trend towards a happy and healthy mind and body for me this new year and if I can give positivity to others and just change one person or give them a glimmer of hope and get them turning one direction towards a positive trend and crawling out of that dark place that is what I choose. I’m looking forward to this daily journey and I’m excited to see what 2017 has in store. Positive mind and body ready or not here I come!